The Only Way To Lose

This is the first picture of me after crossing the border into Mexico 🇲🇽

Just one year earlier I was sitting in a cubicle at the IRS wishing I was sitting on the beach in Cabo
I would eventually quit my job at the IRS, start a marketing agency, sell all of my stuff, pack my cars up with everything I owned in the world, and send my family on a plane to Cabo.

Sounds like a fairytale now, that’s ironic because it’s definitely been a nightmare at times.

Now we have lived in Cabo for more than 2 years but I’ve had to start over from scratch more than once in that time because of a bad partnership and some misdirection.💀

But, the truth is.. just like Captain America, I can do this all day, I can start businesses and scale them again and again, it’s a skill set, it’s just what I do.

Whether we’re running ads for Scalp Micropigmentation Artists, building systems for Agency Owners, or Content Marketing for Old School Entrepreneurs and Coaches.

I will never stop trying because there is a million ways to win but only one way to lose.

Just don’t give up 👈

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