Modern Marketing Strategies

Today there are more new and evolving platforms than ever before and they’re impossible to keep up with.

New players spring up out of nowhere, and at first seem irrelevant, only to become the most relevant thing on the planet a few months later (Periscope, Clubhouse, Snapchat, TikTok etc).

They force the big guys to innovate, so they have to change their focus and their algorithm to stay relevant, or simply buy out the competition (Looking at you Zuck). Either way they are all competing for the most engaging content creators.


Marketing Psychology & Strategy

Because real marketing is cultivating a desire in a particular person.

With the right ingredients, some creativity, an understanding of what’s trending, a clear picture of who we’re targeting, and some good old consistent action we end up turning these content creators into powerful figures of influence.

Whoever can get the most eyeballs wins, may the algorithm be ever in your favor.

Many of us can be left feeling like we’ve missed the wave again and again because we didn’t jump on it fast enough, or maybe we just weren’t consistent enough, or we just couldn’t dial in our strategy fast enough.

We end up with ad costs that squeeze our margins to death, an audience that simply doesn’t care what we have to say, and a bunch of leads that don’t take action on our offers despite our best efforts.

The market is getting more sophisticated by the day and a lot of the strategies that use to work just don’t produce results like they use to.

People want to buy from other people.

They want to build a relationship before they decide to just give you their money. Can you buy me dinner first buddy?

Jokes aside, we have a couple of ways to looking at this.

On one hand we have strategies and offers that have produced results in the past, the platforms have always changed things, and suddenly the results dwindle or get more expensive over night, but we make our changes, put out the resulting fires, rinse and repeat, it’s what got us here, right?

That’s assuming your accounts haven’t been outright banned with no explanation or recourse, it happens, so be careful out there
It’s safe to say we’re beyond the point now where we realize what got us here, simply won’t get us there.

Because on the other hand there is a major opportunity.

The question we should be asking ourselves is how can we capitalize on the fact that these platforms are competing for the most compelling and engaging content creators right now?

The answer is so simple it will piss you off.. “CONSISTENCY”.

Consistent branding, message, offer, target audience, posting schedule, fulfillment, performance, and expectations etc.

Nailing these little things will drive down your cost per acquisition across all channels, including paid ads.

This simple strategy would in fact make your ads perform more effectively, drive your lead costs down, improve your targeting, and attract more premium leads.

You can literally add millions in revenue to your business just by keeping it super simple.

Just refine your avatar, offer, brand, & message then follow these steps:

Step 1:

Capture the attention of your target audience

Step 2:

Get them to click on your call to action

Step 3:

Start a conversation with them

Step 4:

Get them to book a call with you

Step 5:

Convince them to work with you

Listen to them, keep them talking, identify at least 3 things you know you can help them with and make content on those things moving forward, start speaking their language back to them, rinse and repeat.

Remember the key is consistency
Everything else is just bells and whistles and shiny new platforms as well as existing platform changes only serve as huge distractions to us.

Entrepreneurs are big action takers but sometimes they overcomplicate things to the point that they forget the basics.

They need to sit down and refine who their ideal client really is, how they can truly help this person, and how they can target and close more people just like that, so their offers and messaging don’t fall flat.

You have to wonder what a tribe of devoted followers and instant credibility could do for you and your business long term.

You’ll definitely want to make sure they are the right people before you get started, working with the wrong people will only make you miserable.

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