Kim & Chase’s Journey & Creation of Our Media Machine

Over a decade ago, an integrator named Kimberly and a visionary named Chase started a journey into entrepreneurship together.
Soon after starting that journey it became immediately obvious to each of them that they would end up in media and marketing, what wasn’t obvious was how to get a steady flow of clients from the internet.
They were artists at heart. They heard a calling from deep in their bones to imagine and create. It made their souls sing when they were truly in sync with it. But, they would go on to spend many years aimless and misaligned as they ignored that true calling.
In 2010 an entrepreneur named Damien Zamora would enter their lives and eventually marry Chase’s mom. They’d never seen someone so good at raising businesses to solve real problems and while employing and empowering others to take over. They were mesmerized by it, they knew they wanted to be entrepreneurs.
Kim and Chase were just a couple of high school sweethearts from a small town in Northern Utah, they’d never given much thought to what it would take to start, maintain, and scale a business, much less hiring and training other people.
All they knew for sure was that they wanted to travel and live as digital nomads full-time with their family of 6 and their 2 dogs while running a business that allowed them true freedom of time, wealth, and creativity. So the question became “How can we make money on the internet so we can live that life?”
After a couple of years in college learning art, design, and programming, they would start out freelancing in web development and SEO before finding a path into building print on demand eCommerce stores while running Facebook Ads for traffic and sales.
They still didn’t understand client acquisition and weren’t exactly social butterflies. So they continued to struggle to make a full-time income. This would push them into a job at the IRS in late 2017, ironically this job would fill many of the gaps for them while serving in the business division of the service.
In 2019 they were inspired by a Peter McKinnon and his fast rise to fame on YouTube that year. He was making money just filming, documenting, and taking amazing photos.
Suddenly the calling to be true to themselves got louder. They quit the IRS and started a photography studio in another failed attempt to make money while also staying aligned with their passion.
In 2020, after failing as photographers, they resolved that going back to a job was not an option and that the only thing missing was an amazing and social salesman that could sell while they fulfilled marketing services. So they started a digital marketing agency with Kim’s brother Brycen.
It was a partnership that would finally lead them to the success and freedom they craved as they scale passed six figures, sold all their stuff, and moved to Mexico full-time. Things were looking up, they were able to systemize and automated the entire business, they were finally free. Until that partnership eventually failed too.
In 2022 they were right back to square 1 and had even less to show for it. They had been ignoring their true calling in the pursuit of money, security, and freedom and it had made them miserable. They thought if they could just stash some cash and establish a secure lifestyle that they could one day come back to it and finally be free to do what they loved.
They knew they had enough technical experience to build out the backend systems and integrations of any business, it was just a collection of simple processes and standards to them.
So they would try their hand at a systems agency which also went very well, however, it still was not aligned with their true calling, there was a reason they were happier in marketing and content.
Rather than going down another path of misery, they would just pivot this time, no matter what that meant, they knew their peace and happiness was at stake. But, marketing is saturated.
Despite the saturation, the number one problem most entrepreneurs continue to struggle with is client acquisition. Whether they have issues with lead cost or quality, tracking and automations etc, it continues to be a big struggle for most.
Kim and Chase had been connected with many visionary entrepreneurs over the years, all of which were innovative leaders in their industry to varying degrees. Some were really big while others had fallen prey to a stale audience that cringes at the word “Action”. The biggest difference between them was consistent content with the right strategy and foundation.
They had built systems and wrote the official processes for more than a handful of marketing agencies of all sizes. They knew it all boiled down to a collection of proven systems, processes, and standards. They just needed the right team, workflows, automations, tracking, and reporting setup to handle the operation, something they could scale with the business long-term.
They knew that strategy and foundation meant more than just consistent content, the content had to follow a particular strategy and influence the right audience to take action, kind of like a psychological art.
The idea for the Media Machine was born.
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