How Organic Content Complements Paid Ads

I have been running Google Search and YouTube ads for more than 2 years now and was running Facebook ads for 4 years before that.
Something I noticed after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars is that my clients that had a pre-existing organic strategy always got the most, and highest quality leads that would convert like clock work. 🕙
Organic doesn’t have to be slow or a grind to achieve, you just need a strategy and a system to facilitate it consistently. If you could post organically, build an audience of your ideal customers, and only put ad dollars behind the content that performs well, you would believe in marketing forever 💯.
Just spend an hour per week filming long form content, then segment and distribute that content as Reels, TikToks, Shorts, Podcast episodes, blog posts, quotes, memes and promote your blog posts with Pinterest and Google search ads.
👉 Post and ghost will get you nowhere, engagement is key, that’s how you build an audience of qualified buyers, only put ad dollars behind the content that performs well.
Marketing doesn’t have to be difficult, you just need a tried and true strategy 🔥🚀💰 On another note, Cabo is so green right now!
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