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Our Mission

Our mission is to help influencers and their small teams build their communities through consistent compelling content.

Our Values

We value experience, teamwork & leadership, predictability, freedom, authenticity, and above all integrity.

Our Culture

Everyone has value to add. We want a team with diverse perspectives to help us innovate and shape our company for the better.

— A Simple Solution —

The Media Machine

Most entrepreneurs seem to ignore critical elements of an attraction marketing campaign and end up with stale audiences that dwindle in engagement over time while over paying for ads that only produce if you continue to pay for results. Once you turn the ads off, the results stop immediately.

We know from experience that if you just nail the brand elements, the target audience, the offer, and identify all the market gaps and opportunities then implement a content strategy that accounts for each stage of the buyers journey and qualifies your offers before you waste another ad dollar on unproven noise.

You need a Content Manager to create that content strategy that speaks to your audience on their own terms, whether it’s in a digital or physical space, and across all available platforms and mediums.

This is the person that assembles and manages:

  • The Content Production Team
    (copywriting, videos, & graphics)

  • The Social Media/Community Managers
    (Ideally 1 per platform)

  • The Research Team
    (idea research, tracking & reports)


Most entrepreneurs we’ve met fail to track basic performance indicators, setup project management, create SOPs, establish a clear workflow, as well as lead and manage a full team.

Change doesn’t happen overnight.

So we knew we needed a solution that removes the burden of implementation and only required a couple hours of our partners’ time per week to batch produce content for segmentation and repurposing. It needed to just work for them, plain and simple.

The Buyers Journey

Buyers Journey Infographic

We have the team, the system, the SOPs, and the workflows and they’ve allowed us to create a stupid simple process around them and streamline consistent strategic content for our partners.

After months of testing, refining, and getting certified in content management and social media strategy, we finally have a solution that we’ve dubbed the Media Machine.

— In Summary —

Let's Break it Down

1. Target Audience

It all begins with pinpointing WHO you are targeting and WHERE you can find them.

2. Market Analysis

We then analyze who the other players in your market are; influencers, competitors, and potential partner/affiliate opportunities.

3. Proven Offer

From there, we help you dial in your offer. What problems you solve and the results your audience can expect. 

4. Your Message

Now that we’ve laid the groundwork, we work to refine the perfect message that speaks to your audience and their desires.

5. Content Strategy

Finally, we come up with and further research content ideas to help educate and build a relationship with your audience . 

* Simple to Use

Our content system is extremely easy to use and see who needs to do what, by when, and how. 

* Real-Time Feedback

What everyone dreams of, real-time data to help you make decisions that will move you forward.

* Tracking & Reports

What does not get measured, does not get improved. Rest assured you’re on track based on the data at hand.

— Innovative Leaders—

What Our Partners Are Saying

I have been working with this team for over a year now. I have used many other companies in the past with very little return. It did take a while to dial in my market and campaigns, but as soon as it was set, my business went to a whole new level. They have excelled my expectations so much that we are now working on them taking over my SEO from another company.
Jerod Schoonmaker
Serial Entrepreneur
I highly recommend this team, I can't say enough good things about them. They each are so knowledgeable in every area, they are passionate, and sincere in everything they do. They are very responsive to messages and questions. Thank you Kim, Chase, and team! You all are amazing and I'm so glad to have you all alongside me!
Amanda Benavidez
SMP & PMU Artist
These people just love helping you build your business! They shared innovative ideas specific to my business long before I became a client... This team will stick with you thru thick and thin and build your mentor has engaged their services as well and is very pleased! Just go for it! Best decision I ever made!
Lisa Rigsbee
Owner ScalpMasters

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